n. bal-ee-hoo; v. bal-ee-hoo


1. Hype or publicity. Hoopla.

2. Clamor or outcry.

3. Buildup or promotion.


Our Name 

Is a twist — perhaps an ever-so-cynical play — on the type of marketing that relies on florid language to gain attention. The big ballyhoo is about taking a clear-headed look within your people, company, and products to discover and celebrate what makes you truly different.     

Our Mission 

Is to invigorate, elevate, and improve the ways in which organizations reach and communicate with their clients and customers. We interpret the word "communication” broadly to include copywriting, photography, messaging, logo creation, branding, identity, social media, elevator speeches — even how people write and speak internally. It's all communication. It’s all controllable. It's all marketing. What’s all the ballyhoo about? It’s about making the world a better place through thoughtful, skillful, honest marketing. 

Our Beliefs

Thoughtfulness and clarity in communication are our core values. While it's sometimes easy to use colorful language in company and product positioning, we must all be willing to take a close and sober look at our businesses during the marketing process. Before using hoopla and hype, we would rather look deeply, in partnership with you, at your products, portfolios, positioning, headlines, branding — even how you present yourselves in meetings — and help you improve all of it responsibly, from within.




Marketing Strategy, Consulting, and Execution for Financial Services Firms

This is our core strength. We’ve been at it for decades. We speak in basis points, of the shape of the curve, and of portfolio turnover. We’re veterans of marketing in the business. And our competitive streak helps in the hunt for AUM.


Branding, Identity, product positioning, and messaging

With years of branding and identity experience under our belt, we swiftly grasp complex processes, identify product differentiators, and present your company in a compelling, elegant, understandable way.


Social Media Direction, Integration, and Execution

We have experience directing corporate social media efforts with six-figure budgets. Strategy, platform allocation decisions, content creation, and the grunt work unique to the social: we do it all. Social media is undeniably a core component of marketing. 


Copywriting, Collateral Design, and Production

From 140-character tweets, to blog posts, to web copy, to white papers on the Fed’s balance sheet, we’ve penned it. Chances are decent that we can do it again. Rely on us to expedite whatever you need in this area with professionalism. 




“Thoughtfulness and clarity in communication are our core values.”


Queen Victoria Agave.CDRI.jpg

Our Journey 

Our 10th-grade history teacher very likely did not know that the blue mimeograph on medieval dress he passed out in class one day was to alter the course of a student’s life. But in sparking curiosity about different cultures, about the liberal arts, and about writing — it did. Walker Stewart studied history because of that class, and his first real job as a 20-something was working as a copywriter for a design firm — and later for an advertising agency, both in Houston. 

A turn into the world of investment management wasn't the abrupt change it appeared to be. In fact, Walker was gratified to learn that the man who would later become his boss at a respected mutual fund manager in Santa Fe had also not studied finance or business but Russian studies. That person valued discipline, common sense, and integrity in running what became a successful firm with $95 billion assets under management. Lesson: the eyes through which you look at the world do matter.

The type of deep marketing and consulting this firm does demands a grasp of complex processes and of how to attribute positive and negative outcomes to any of hundreds of factors. It requires critical thinking. Highly regulated industries like financial services force marketers to show — not to tell and boast. This background gave us an edge. Walker's work history and straightforward, substantive approach to consulting and storytelling are the most important factors behind the foundation of this firm.